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Roger Price Cinematographer Australia
Roger Price freelance lighting cameraman Australia

If you are planning to film in foreign locations then Roger Price can assist you in organising your filming needs. Roger has more than a decade of travel experience in over 60 countries and has filmed every Continent on earth. He has a network of production professionals that operate in foreign countries and can source fixers, soundo’s, researchers, producers from across the globe.

There are lots of things to consider when you travel and film, what to take, airport transfers, customs clearance, flight bookings, excess baggage weight, hotels, hire cars etc. Roger can also advise on expenses and potential issues that can and frequently do arise during foreign film trips. Take the confusion out of your next trip and access the advice and assistance that he offers his clients.

Traveling to many countries with film and Video equipment requires the application and processing of a Carnet. This is a legal import/export contract that states the official purpose for filming and lists the equipment and its value to ensure customs will clear the equipment upon arrival and return. Carnet’s are a guarantee that any equipment that is imported will also be exported and protects the production company and the country of import.

Roger has a great deal of experience in processing Carnets and customs forms and can advise or complete this service for you. Australian Carnets are available through the Chamber of Commerce NSW download form here .

Of Course if your planning to film in Australia, Roger has you covered. Just let him know when & what you need, then relax, everything can be organised including your Accommodation, Car Hire & mobile telephones.  

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